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August 21- Night at Solar Eclipse-Contest

Win a stay for 2 on 

Aug 20, 2017 to Aug 21, 2017

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Sleep in a geodesic dome. Fly above the clouds. Enter for a chance to be among the first to see the total eclipse in its full, from a plane high above the clouds, in unobstructed glory.

Enter to win a one of a kind experience in an unforgettable space on Airbnb!

Experience the August 21 solar eclipse in the most inspiring way imaginable. You’ll prepare for the phenomenon with a night of stargazing in a geodesic dome in the Oregon wilderness, joined by a noted astrophysicist and a master night-sky photographer. The next day, as millions gather for the event, you’ll ascend in a private jet to a spectacular view of the eclipse in all its glory. By the time you land, you might have a new appreciation for nature’s awesome ability to bring us all together.


On August 21, 2017, millions will witness an event that hasn’t happened across the U.S. for 99 years: a total solar eclipse. Residents and travelers from all walks of life will come together inside the sliver of land called the Path of Totality. As the eclipse cuts east across the continent, the sun will go dark, casting the earth into preternatural shadow—and giving us an unforgettable reminder of our shared humanity.

But what if you could fly west from the Oregon shore and be among the first to see this phenomenon? National Geographic and Airbnb are partnering to take two eclipse enthusiasts above the clouds for an experience well beyond the confines of the earth.

The adventure starts the day before the eclipse, upon arrival to your accommodation – a custom geodesic dome surrounded by an observation deck equipped with a variety of telescopes – where you’ll be outfitted with everything you’ll need to set out on your expedition. Located near Smith Rock, a world-renowned destination for rock climbing and hiking, your home for the night will offer a spectacular and secluded base camp, set against a backdrop of Oregon wilderness.

There you’ll be greeted by your host, Dr. Jedidah Isler, a National Geographic Explorer and internationally recognized scholar who was the first African American woman to receive a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from Yale University. She’ll join you for an intimate dinner under the stars, sharing her passion for the power of natural phenomena to unify us all. (She’ll also be glad to answer your questions about the sun, moon, or stars beyond.) And you’ll meet Babak Tafreshi, a National Geographic photographer and science journalist, who will teach you how to capture the night sky.

The next day, you’ll get up early to begin your journey to some of the best seats in the house. You, your host – Dr. Isler, and a small crew will board a small private jet at Redmond Municipal Airport. You’ll fly for two hours out over the Pacific ocean and then start your return along the Path of Totality, becoming one of very few people to witness the first moments of the eclipse. If there’s cloud cover (which is pretty likely off the Oregon coast), you’ll also be able to see a reflection of the eclipse on the cloud bank below the plane—a spectacular sight that even the most ardent eclipse chaser might wait a lifetime to witness.

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