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Charity Auction for a (Goodyear) Blimp Ride for Two!

Charity Auction (till February 9): Blimp Ride for Two!   The Friends  of Loxahatchee Rufuge have just been awarded a certificate for a ride for two on the world-famous Goodyear Blimp! This will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for someone, because rides aboard the Goodyear Blimp are by invitation only. Goodyear receives hundreds of requests from charities each year, and only a lucky few are selected. The certificates are awarded free of charge, on the condition that the charity hold an auction and award the certificate to the highest bidder. The charity is then required to report back with the name of the winner and the amount the certificate brought into the organization. We are very excited that this will help us extend the term of our Education Outreach Assistant and his work with visiting school groups and other community service groups. We will have more details to follow, but we have already received our first bid of $1,000!

For more information:  www.loxahatcheefriends.com  and for questions:  info@nullloxahatcheefriends.com   and on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/loxahatcheefriends

(Regarding Auction:  Continues through Everglades Day, February 9, and then bidding will end shortly thereafter. We are not allowed to actually take bids there on site on Everglades Day, so we will  allow a few days afterwards to give Everglades Day visitors time to go to our Facebook page and bid; here is the link to the passenger guidelines:   www.goodyearblimp.com/passenger-guide/    )

Friends of Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

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