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IMAX Film: Incredible Predators 3D-Until June 6

Incredible Predators 3D takes a detailed look at the remarkable strategies the Planet’s top hunters use to succeed – deconstructing their tactics as never before. Advanced filming techniques, including the latest gyro stabilized cameras, put the audience right beside the predators as they hunt, whether on land or under the sea. Far from being a film about killing, Incredible Predators 3D focuses on strategy and the huge effort hunters must go in order to survive. In fact, most predators fail most of the time. It’s why they are the hardest working animals on the Planet. To have any hope of success they must be at the very top of their game.

Incredible Predators 3D features the most iconic hunters on earth, like polar bears, cheetahs, leopards and blue whales. The audience will be emotionally engaged with these key characters as they learn about their challenges and dilemmas. Wherever they live on our planet, predators are at the top of the food chain. When they are doing well, we know the habitats they live in are healthy too. The competition between predators and prey are the most dramatic events in nature but this relationship is also essential to the balance of nature. Incredible Predators 3D is the perfect blend of genuine animal drama and learning.

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